The UAV we use for our work is the DJI Inspire 1. The Inspire 1 is known for its unique appearance, excellent maneuverability, high quality camera, and reliability.

DJI Inspire 1

The Inspire 1 can shoot video in 4K resolution, as well as 1080p 60fps. It can take 14MP (4000x3000) images in DNG RAW and JPEG formats.

The Inspire can fly at speeds in excess of 80km/h, at altitudes of 300m, and at ranges in excess of 1.5km.

In addition to advanced GPS systems, the Inspire features a unique sonar system built into the airframe to ensure excellent stability at very low altitudes above the ground. This makes it ideal for flying indoors or in tight outdoor spaces.

You can expect the battery in the Inspire 1 to last around 15 minutes depending on flight conditions. We carry 6 batteries and 4 chargers with us to all our jobs. This means we can fly all day.

We can also shoot spectacular 360° photos and video courtesy of two Kodak SP360 4K cameras attached to the Inspire 1 by a custom designed mount.

For ground-based video and imagery we have the DJI Osmo, which can be used to complement the aerial footage we capture.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to take the controls and have a go flying our Inspire 1 yourself, but we've got no doubt you'll be amazed when you see it in action. Contact us today!